Aja Jane is a full time artist and model living in Berlin, Germany. She was born and raised in Vancouver, Canada, where she trained intensively in ballet and contemporary dance, before moving abroad at age 17 to pursue her professional ballet career. She worked as a ballet dancer in Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (Pittsburgh, USA), Tivoli Ballet Theatre (Copenhagen, Denmark), and Magdeburg Ballet (Magdeburg, Germany). At age 20 she decided to leave professional dance to pursue other creative interests. Now 22, she is making her mark in the Berlin scene as a skilled and boundary pushing performer and model. 


Aja began performing in the Berlin club scene in late 2016, in ballet-based pieces for the event House of Red Doors (Salon sur Wilden Renate). By early 2017 she was creating her own solo shows for the party, and was soon invited to perform at other notorious events such as Pornceptual (Alte Munze) and Berlin Alternative Fashion Week (Halle am Berghain). As she began to develop her unique creative style, she quickly became an in-demand performer in the Berlin party scene. In the past year she has continued to perform at both commercial and underground events throughout Europe, including: Boiler Room x Pornceptual (Arena), Apokalipstick (Kit Kat Club), Milkshake Festival (Amsterdam), WHOLE Music Festival (Bergheider See), Intimacy Tango (Kit Kat Club), House of Red Doors (Salon zur Wilden Renate), The Standard - One Night in Berlin (Ballhaus Berlin), and Prima Leben (Club 442, Stuttgart/Bruder Wolf, Freiburg).

Aja is known for her ability to create a unique world within her performance spaces where provocative sexuality is displayed alongside strong emotions such as gore, disgust, pain, sadness, and religious taboo. Her shows are artistic and and transgressive while remaining entertaining and gripping. She pulls from her range of skills including fire fleshing/eating, BDSM/Domina skills, and ballet to create intriguing characters with strong and daring storylines.


Aja is an internationally published model with over three years of experience. Although the bulk of her work is in artistic nude photography, she also has experience with editorial, fashion, dance, lingerie, and glamour shoots. Her years of ballet training not only enable her to create unique and striking shapes, but have also given her an unparalleled awareness of her body, enabling her to perfect any pose for the view of the camera.